Through community-driven Action Teams, RSG cultivates
local leadership to craft effective solutions to local challenges.


Addressing issues selected by RSG members themselves, each Action Team is led by a community member, supported and coached by RSG’s Director as the Team’s co-leader.

Using consensus decision-making, each Action Team identifies a specific challenge, sets the Team’s goals, maps out an action plan, and undertakes the Team’s activities.

Our most recent Action Team projects included the development
of cooperative grant proposals and the design for a Reentry Resource Center.
Action Teams are formed in response to the desires and interests of RSG’s participants. Currently, RSG is managing two Action Teams.

Reentry Guide Action Team

The Reentry Guide Action Team is working to create and ensure the countywide adoption of a customizable “reentry passport” to help people successfully gather, plan, and organize key information to foster their reintegration iafter incarceration. This user-friendly guide is intended to support people three months before release through six months after release, with particular attention to the first 72 hours outside the gate.

Education in Reentry Action Team

The Education in Reentry Action Team is working to enhance the role of education to interrupt the cycle of incarceration, unsupported reentry, and recidivism. By highlighting the importance of adult education in helping people forge positive futures, the Education in Reentry Team is building awareness, alliances, and access across the local reentry landscape.