Formed in July 2011 in response to the community’s desire consistent opportunities for ongoing learning and coordination related to reentry, Reentry Solutions Group has come to serve as a backbone organization fostering collective impact in Contra Costa County.


Fostering a collective approach to transform incarceration and reentry in our community, RSG strives to provide six backbone functions:

Guide vision and strategy

RSG’s most visible mechanism is our monthly community meetings, which address issues related to trauma, violence, incarceration, and reentry. Each meeting provides public education about relevant issues while deepening relationships and fostering collective decisions and action.

Support aligned activities

We provide hands-on technical assistance to stakeholders across our community, including the design and management of multi-stakeholder initiatives. Through community-driven Action Teams, RSG cultivates local leadership to craft effective solutions to local challenges. Addressing issues selected by RSG members themselves, each Action Team is led by a community member, supported and coached by RSG’s Director as the Team’s co-leader.

Build public will

Through RSG meetings, electronic mailings, technical assistance, and public presentations, we inform and advance public understanding and conversation.

Advance policy

RSG provides subject-matter expertise to identify, analyze, and disseminate information about relevant and complex issues; we provide fiscal analysis of public funds; share updates on best-practices and models; highlight emergent issues affecting our community; and produce research briefs.

Mobilize funding

Supporting intentional, multi-stakeholder advocacy, we help identify, attract, and advocate for the use of public and private funds to support progressive activities.

Establish shared measurement practices

Using consensus decision-making processes, RSG participants identify priorities, set goals, and achieve intentional outcomes.